“Anya uses the whole nature - herbs, water, earth and air! She gives me the best advice to treat my kids. I’m happy to know her. Thank you, Anya very much!”

—Nargiza Kalanov  ~ Satisfied Mom and a friend


“It is a joy to be around you, Anya, you have a rare and precious gift. You bring heaps of love to your profession as a holistic doctor. You are a beautiful, strong, and kind and you have an old soul. This explains how you have accomplished so much already. I have high expectations for you and your practice.”



“Anya treated me for cysts. The kind that should be removed by surgery. Anya prescribed special diet, herbs, and supplements. When I visited my doctor a month later the cysts completely disappeared. Doctor told me it was a miracle. Thank you Anya for helping me.”

—Zina ~ Grateful patient


“Anya has a unique style that blends her incredible knowledge with an intuition for healing. Through a combination of acupuncture, herbs and hands-on healing, Anya has helped me through a number of physical and psychological health issues - Anya always goes the extra mile to make sure I get healthy. She is also generous with her knowledge - over the last 9 years, I have learnt an incredible amount about plants from her.”

—Belle ~ Artist


“Anya is a talented healer who can sense your problems. I was successfully treated for both an external injury and internal organs problems. My skepticism regarding non-traditional medicine has vanished. You can fully trust Anya and depend on her devotion to her patients and her practice.”

—NN ~ A former patient


“Anya treated me for a chronic sports injury--a stiff painful shoulder. I had trouble sleeping at night. Anya’s unique blend of acupuncture and energy work was very effective for me. I regained full range of motion after several visits. As a bonus benefit, treatment helped to lift my mood and clear emotional blocks. Thank you Anya for your care and insight.”

—Vadim ~ patient