Anya's learning began in early childhood with a passion for healing wild plants, mushrooms and berries. Her first teachers were Siberian Shamans who showed Anya (then 14 years old in Kiev, Ukraine) how to use herbs, energetics as well as acupuncture points. Since 1992 (when Anya immigrated to the US) she studied extensively with many distinguished masters. Trained in traditional Chinese Acupuncture by B.J. Wang, Japanese Acupuncture by Kiiko Matsumoto and Koei Kuwahara, Anya also learned body energetics and trigger point therapy from Mark Seem, Arya Nielsen's Gua-Sha technique, Niikura sensei's Ki Breathing and others.

Anya Tyutyunik is a nationally certified & California licensed acupuncturist, and a Masters' Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. Anya also completed Chineses Medicine Pediatrics Certificate Program. She specializes in internal medicine, chronic diseases and women's health. Anya synthesizes many healing techniques into her own style. The secret to her success is insight, experience and devotion to health and well being of her patients.