Elemental Journey Around the Sun

From my heart, I’m honored, impassioned and looking forward to sharing this year's  journey exploring the natural teachings of the medicine wheel.

My journey started in my youth, being with, and learning from, the plants and herbs I was surrounded by—magic teachings of nature and kind spirits.

This, along with overcoming many physical challenges, I listened to and was led to follow a life of studying, exploring and understanding the healing potentials we each have within that are waiting to spring out like a sprout coming from a seed full of potential and what the possibility—once it’s exposed to the sun—our journey might hold for us.

This year long  journey/course is coming from a weaving together of all I’ve embodied to this point.

So walk with us, to sprout all of the seeds that heal our grand ecosystem within our bodies, spirits and this planet. So that we walk grounded, purposeful, passionate, connected and medicinal to all our relations.

Efrem Korngold will bring his long practiced wisdom, philosophy and teachings of self- cultivation. Luzia will offer the intelligence of plant spirit medicines and the inspiration and integration to do the work of self remolding. Abulita from Mexico will share the healing medicine of thousands of years and the medicine wheel. Earth weavers and other guest teachers will offer hands-on skills and Elemental Embodiment. We are so honored and look forward to sharing this exploration journey with you.

A Year-long Initiation Program Focusing on Inner and Outer Permaculture and Sustainability

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
—Albert Einstein

We are a microcosm of everything there is, woven together by earth itself. In our year-long Initiation program we will follow the Medicine Wheel around the sun, and explore ecology as the connection of our inner world to the entire ecosystem of our environment. This is our Medicine Path. Recognizing, embodying and healing our ecological intelligence is an evolution of our consciousness AND our human responsibility to care of our earth and our body as one.

The Path we will take:

  • The Tao
  • Philosophical study and reflection of the 5 Phase theory
  • Discovering and finding of our own 5 Shens (5 Spirits)
  • Full embodying of each of the elemental phases, life cycles, and virtues
  • Earth Medicine practices using plants, hands, elements and stories
  • Plant Spirit Journeys
  • Following the Medicine wheel to re-work ourselves
  • Practicing reciprocity
  • Practicing the Herbal Elemental Constellation
  • Vision quest

You will receive:

  1. Six lectures and notes on the 5 element Philosophy (tools for reflecting on your internal landscape, to honor your own seasons and a place in the cycling life force)
  2. Five healing ceremonies
  3. Five limpias
  4. Five overnight ecosystem embodiment sessions
  5. Hands-on Herbal medicine harvesting, processing, and making
  6. Skills to recognize, acknowledge and honor the elemental, plant, animal and spiritual realms within
  7. Tangible skills with nature’s provided medicine
  8. An open-hearted community of teachers, healers, plant allies and other partners and to explore, reflect and learn with
  9. Finding wellness of your body and spirit with and within nature as a powerful healer and teacher
  10. Connection to Authentic root beyond culture or ethnicity
Artwork by Vasily Woodland

Who is this program for:

  • For anyone who is on or contemplating a healing path
  • For anyone who is interested in continuing to explore their place and purpose in the grand ecosystem
  • For anyone who is yearning for connection and to honor their internal landscape
  • For anyone who is committed to authentic congruency in relations, words and deeds


This is a full year program that will meet one time per month with 2 months rest

There will be five weekend sessions, Friday through Sunday (location to be announced)

There will be five Saturday sessions from 10am to 4pm in Palo Alto, CA

Exact dates to be determined


$200 registration fee plus
$180 due each month for 12 months


Anya Tyutyunik, Luzia & Efrem Korngold L.Ac.
Efrem's book is suggested reading:
Between Heaven and Earth

His website: chinesemedicineworks.com