Winter Semester 2019 at the WHC Herbal School

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Rooted Healing Ways of Herbal Medicine

A 9+ week class with Anya in Palo Alto

Every Monday 4:30-7:30 pm  ~  February 4 - April 29, 2019

(the 11th and final session on April 29, is complementary)

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Session 1 ~ February 4
Herbal Medicine As A rooted Healing Tradition
4 and 5 elements theory
Taste, color, smell, energy and signature of plants

Session 2 ~ February 11
Winter Water Phase
Kidney and hormonal systems: Will power, warmth, bone and dental health, mood support, sleep and energy aids, postpartum care, understanding and supporting the circle of dying and birthing
Yoni egg practices and uterine herbal steaming
Energetic directions, qi gong movement and sound

Session 3 ~ March 4
Spring Season Wood Element Liver Health
Theory of wind related illnesses
Spring herbs, season of cleansing and
planning, inspiration, moving energy
Energetic directions, qi gong movement and sound

Session 4 ~ March 11
Summer Fire Phase Cardiovascular Health
Blood purifying plants, fertility, passion, joy, full
potential tonics, sexuality and sensuality
Open heart tonics, body as temple herbal care
Energetic directions, qi gong movement and sound


Session 5 ~ March 18
Perehod- Transition 
Earth element digestive system
Pregnancy, growth and development, digesting the world, mothering, nurture and nourishment
Energetic directions, qi gong movement and sound

Session 6 ~ March 25
Autumn Metal Phase
Respiratory system, maturity, skin health,
prevention and treatment of respiratory illnesses, treatment of dry pattern, elimination and intuition
Energetic directions, qi gong movement and sound

Session 7 ~ April 1
Elemental food chart
Elemental herbal chart

Session 8 ~ SATURDAY, April 6
Spring Medicine Herbal Walk
and An Herbal Feast

Session 9 ~ April 8
Medicine Making
Tinctures, decoctions, teas, oils and salves

Session 9 ~ April 15
Introduction To Shamanic and Visionary Plants
Esoteric and Spiritual Herbal Medicine, Poisonous plants (guest teacher)

Complementary Session 11 ~ April 29
Elemental mandala making
(possible guest teacher for this complementary session)
Questions and Answers

Registration Details

Register before February 1st: $650
or $550 if paid in cash
After February 1: $750
(includes 11 sessions, all supplies & weekly chocolate medicine)

2 Work study spots $325
(set up and brake down for each session, notes transcription)

Drop in fee: $100 per session includes all of the supplies

To register contact Anya: • 917.204.2360

Daily Uterine Self Care workshop with Odilia and Anya at Anyaspractice clinic, Los Altos CA.

February 16 from 10am-4 pm, lunch included (Mayan women's care soup, handmade tortillas and veggies)

The first 8 women to register will get to experience Bajos (uterine steam with wild medicinal plants from Odilia's region)

Fee $125

To register, please send $50 deposit via PayPal to


Tickets on Sale Now!

Women’s Healing Intensive: Going Deeper

4 days 3 nights of deep healing, meditative work open to 20 women

Spring Intensive Dates TBA: Contact Anya to discuss your interest


This is very much a soul journey, many deep questions will be answered, paths restored, strength returned, beauty appreciated, earth will bless and love will penetrate and heal.

“Life is too short not to blossom.”         —AT

Approximate Schedule

3pm arrival
individual herbal medicine ally
movement dance meditation

morning herbal bathing
breath work journey
preparation for the night plant meditation
plant meditation journey

morning herbal bathing
integration of plant journey
breathwork and healing touch
embodiment journey dance

morning herbal bathing and
Limpia ceremony
earth healing sessions

Food ~ made by Earth and Love with herbs and prayers

Accommodations ~ silent yurt full of light and warmth

Location ~ Santa Cruz Mountains retreat center


We require a personal interview with Anya before processing your registration. Please contact Anya below, to schedule.